Former Chelsea Star, Eden Hazard reveals difference between Real Madrid and Chelsea fans

Eden Hazard admits he has noticed that Real Madrid fans are more invested than supporters at his former club Chelsea.

The 28-year-old Belgium forward, moved from Chelsea to Real for a reported £130m in the summer after seven years at Stamford Bridge.

“I think that here the fans are really fans,” said Hazard, ahead of Wednesday’s Champions League group game against Paris Saint-Germain.

Former Chelsea Star, Eden Hazard reveals difference between Real Madrid and Chelsea fans

“In England there are not so many fans, people there like football and everyone, young people, adults, teenagers, are really interested in their football, but they are not so fanatical about their teams.

“At the time I was in Chelsea and we lost, we were disappointed as were the fans, but I never felt it was a disaster.


“When you are at Real Madrid, even if it is my first year, talking to the fans, they always expect you to win the Champions League,” he continued.

“That is why I think there is so much expectation placed on this competition and that is why the club has won it more than any other team.”

Hazard patiently waited for a move away from Chelsea – he first said it could be time to move on after the 2018 World Cup – but that did not stop him speaking of his desire to play for Real while still a Blue.

“When I was at Chelsea, I already knew that my dream was to play for [Real Madrid] someday,” he said.

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“I hadn’t expected to play seven years at Chelsea, but in the end everything went well and I had the chance to win something every year. I think that’s why I stayed there so long.”



  1. There is always next time, chance comes repeatedly as long as you are perfect for it. Why didn’t he await till Blues transfer ban end,that was like betrayal. The team that lifted you up is the same team you betrayed. I’m very much sorry to say this but it is a fact. But as long as you’ve leave, we still wish you all the best out there, work harder than ever.

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