Galaxy Note 10 rumors: Release date, leak details, design, specs and more

It has been more than 45 days since Samsung delayed the release of its Galaxy Fold, and the phone’s launch is looking as precarious as ever. In May, Samsung said it fixed the screen issues some reviewers were experiencing with preproduction units, but that’s the last update the company announced. If the Fold falls through, however, Samsung fans waiting for a large-screen phone may have to shift their sights on the successor to the Note 9. The device, which is assumed to be called the Note 10, is expected sometime this year, and rumors about the device are already popping up.

Though Samsung has a couple of premium phones under its belt (the Fold, for example, will cost $2,000 if and when it’s eventually released), Note phones stand out as part of Samsung’s ultra-luxe line. The first Galaxy Note launched in 2011 and the handsets are usually outfitted with an expansive screen, an embedded smart stylus called an S Pen and top-of-the-line hardware. In short, the Note represents Samsung’s best-of-the-best.

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For that reason, it’s no surprise there has been plenty of anticipation and curiosity surrounding the phone. Could it have 5G connectivity like the Galaxy S10 5G, or will it feature a swivel selfie camera like the Galaxy A80? Perhaps the Note 10 will be one of the two foldable phones Samsung said it would release after the Galaxy Fold.

Samsung’s announcement timeline for the Note isn’t super-consistent — it’s introduced Note phones in the winter, summer and fall months. Lately, however, the company has stuck to a summer unveiling, so an August launch date is possible. Until Samsung officially says something though, we’ve rounded up the most intriguing, probable and compelling rumors we’ve heard about the Note 10 so far.

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