If You Can Do This to a Woman without Getting Bitch-Slapped, She’s Ready to Be Kissed

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There’s a powerful secret technique the bad boys use to make women comfortable and attract them. It is a secret the average guys are AFRAID to use. Because they think when they use it on the woman they are interested in they are going to make the woman uncomfortable.

Though it’s amazingly powerful, when done the wrong way, will communicate to the woman that you are desperately trying to get into her pants.

So what secret technique am I talking about here?

It is touching the woman.


Moving on…
PHYSICALLY touching a girl or a woman demonstrates DOMINANCE.

It communicates to her that you are an alpha male and you are confident with touching women.

And since women, in general, are attracted to men with confidence, touching her makes her comfortable with you sexually.

And speaking of sexually…

If you can successfully touch a woman on her face, neck, chest area, buttocks, and even inner thigh, without the woman retreating, or slapping you, or kicking you in the nuts, then she’s sexually attracted to you. And you can try and kiss her and she will not push you away.

Truth is, the more you touch a woman sexually, the more comfortable she will be with you. And the more comfortable she is with you, the more you can make your move in ways that won’t get you rejected.

Why touching a woman is important?
You see, women are highly conscious of their bodies, and they will ONLY allow a guy to touch them in CERTAIN AREAS if they feel affection towards him.

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Touching a woman helps strengthen the comfort and connection you are building with her.

The best ways to go about it without getting shot down is to touch them when you’re emphasizing a point or saying something humorous that gets them laughing.

Touch the woman you desire occasionally and make it seem completely natural. NOT as if you are trying to get into her pants.

Make your touches playful and friendly at the beginning, as if you are touching your buddy or your platonic girlfriend.

Don’t be nervous or hesitant to touch a woman. It displays a lack of confidence and dominance (which is very bad).

If a woman senses any nervousness or desperation as if you are trying to get into her pants, her defenses will go up.

This is how you go about touching a woman:
Lightly touch her forearm with the back of your fingers when you’re emphasizing a point. And touch her shoulder when you are telling her something interesting.

If you are telling a funny story or saying something humorous that gets her laughing, you can also reach out and touch her lightly on the forearm or shoulder.

If you are sitting across each other or beside her, don’t be afraid to briefly touch her knee. Or touch her on the outside of her thigh.

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You can also touch her wrist as if you are complimenting her on her bracelet.


If she is comfortable with you, she too would occasionally touch you back.

Not only with her hands, but she would brush her foot against yours when she laughs at your jokes.

If the two of you are comfortable touching each other, start holding hands.

As the relationship progresses…
…you can now touch her elbow, put your hands in the middle of her back, touch her hips, or put your arm around her waist.

Now, if a woman allows you to touch her in the middle of her back, hips, and allows you to put your arm around her waist without retreating then it means she feels affection toward you.

If she reacts negatively, then it means you are moving too fast, or she is not worth pursuing and you are wasting your time hanging out with her.

Now, when you are able to move on to touching her on her face, neck, chest area, putting your hand on her buttock, and touching her inner thigh, then it means she is COMPLETELY COMFORTABLE with you. And you can take things to the next level.

If you notice you can touch the side of her face, neck, chest area, put your hand on her buttock, and even touch her inner thigh (in a sexual way), without being punched in the face, or bitch-slapped, or kicked in the nuts, or get sued for sexual harassment, then she is ready to be kissed (and ready to take thing to the next level).

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This should tell you the time is right to seize the opportunity to kiss her
When a woman has a rapport with you and feels comfortable with you touching her in the areas mentioned above, you will know the time is right to take things to the next level by noticing the following:

  1. Her pupils are dilated (during the daytime)
  2. She looks at your lips and then back at your eyes
  3. Her eyes are moist and glistening
  4. She touches her face or rubs her neck
  5. There is a flushed appearance on her cheeks
  6. She licks her lips while staring at you
  7. She maintains eye contact and stares at you with a hungry look in her eyes
  8. When you notice these things, it’s time to make your move.

Have fun.

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