Report: Lots of Arsenal fans unhappy with former striker’s “deceitful” comments

Lots of Arsenal fans have taken to Twitter to call Robin van Persie out for lying about the manner in which he left the club.

The Dutchman – now a pundit on BT Sport – left the Gunners back in 2012 to join Manchester United in a £24m move, and went on to win the Premier League title at Old Trafford.

He claims that the north Londoners never offered him a new deal when speaking to Jake Humphrey before the Gunners took on Burnley, forcing him to make a decision about leaving the Emirates.

However, a month before his move to United, van Persie claimed that he would not be signing a new contract with Arsenal, whilst Arsene Wenger revealed that he wanted to keep the forward ‘at all costs’ – someone isn’t telling the truth here, it seems.

After watching him reveal his side of why he left the club, loads of Arsenal fans on Twitter believe that their former No.10 is lying through his teeth.

Let’s see what the supporters on Twitter have been saying about his comments…

Interesting… Robin van Persie says he was never offered a new deal by Arsenal and that he got the sense the club had grown tired of him.

Thoughts? ⬇️

— The Gooner (@GoonerFanzine) August 18, 2019

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